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Materials Handling
Picking & Sortation
IT & Software
Warehouse Automation
Egemin’s Handling Automation division designs, develops and integrates turnkey systems that increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of materials handling processes.
E’wds®: we deliver integrated warehouse & distribution systems for the automated storage, handling and distribution of goods.  Modular solutions with pallet and mini-load cranes, shuttles, conveyors, picking, sortation, transport, WMS, WCS etc.
E’gv®: we deliver automated guided vehicle systems for the driverless transport and storage of goods in the factory and warehouse. Our E’gvs® are built from off-the-shelf components and are expertly tailored to fit your needs.
E’tow®: we deliver in-floor, tow-line chain conveyor systems for the reliable transport and sortation of goods. With its rugged build and plain technology, E’tow® delivers high throughput with reliability, efficiency and low-maintenance.
Retrofit: Egemin also delivers a full range of refurbishment services for automated handling systems; mechanical, electrical, controls and software. A cost-effective alternative to new build, with less downtime, more capacity and higher reliability.
And Egemin’s products and systems are underpinned by our…
Lifecycle services: we deliver maintenance services to maximise the performance and extend the life of installations. These can include 24/7 stand-by, planned maintenance, spare parts, software support, updates, monitoring & business continuity plans.
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