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Warehouse Automation
Hyperdrive Innovation is a technology developer and manufacturer of energy storage and management, electronic control and telemetry systems. Our high performance lithium-ion battery modules incorporate sophisticated battery management and vehicle monitoring functionality to provide complete control for manufacturers, owners and users of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s).


These systems are playing a leading role in overcoming the operational challenges faced by fleets of more dynamic warehouse handling and distribution centres, enabling more efficient order fulfilment by providing increased flexibility, longer life and lower implementation and operating costs. They provide a roadmap for other likeminded companies eager to improve their competitiveness by switching to more dynamic automated operations.


With space highly constrained on robots, battery packs are designed to fit into a package space for a highly efficient power solution which optimises robot performance, availability and running times. With reduced recharging time to enable 24/7 operations our systems are specified for longevity which takes into account at least 5000 recharging cycles.


Integrated electronics monitor the rate of discharge and the condition of each battery pack before issuing orders to each individual robot, through their on-board communication system, to send them to a recharge bay at the most appropriate time for operations.