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IBIS Packaging Solutions are a packaging solutions provider for end of line packaging with a wide range of machines and consumables covering; Stretch & Shrink films, Polyester and Polypropylene strapping, Tape sealing solutions. IBIS Packaging Solutions are the UK Distributor for a number of exclusive packaging products including a Nano technology stretch film. Most stretch films use between 5 and 7 layers, HITEC has 33 layers giving the film terrific holding force and puncture resistance, allowing customers to use less film and making savings of up to 40%.

Included in our range of Stretch Wrapping machines is the Plana, a unique Pallet Wrapping machines with a turntable height of only 18 mm instead of the industry standard 75 mm. This unique solution removes the need for a loading ramp that is typically 1500 mm long. The reduction in floor space also removes a trip hazard.

IBIS Packaging Solutions has many such innovative and unique packaging products that secure and protect your products using the very latest technology to increase production speeds and reduce cost. Call or email for your free packaging review.