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Maginus Order Management Software (Maginus OMS) supports the growth strategy of modern Wholesale and Direct Commerce organisations, providing integrated Call Centre, eCommerce, Order Orchestration and Fulfilment functionality.

Maginus has been a trusted supplier to the Wholesale and Direct Commerce Markets for more than 20 Years. As that market has evolved from catalogue, to call centre, to online, our solutions have had to flex to meet a changing demand. Now we see these organisations changing again, not just servicing their traditional customers (whether that’s B2B or B2C) through additional sales channels, but reaching out to a whole new client base, sometimes combining both B2B and B2C, sometimes international and on occasion both.

We have a portfolio of success stories plotting how our customers have grown and evolved utilising the OMS solution to scale business, become multi-channel, develop B2C and B2B verticals and reach global opportunities.