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Short Introduction of Packsize


Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Packsize is the global leader in On Demand Packaging® for businesses with complex corrugated packaging needs. With business customers in 21 countries, Packsize has operations in North America, Scandinavia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland and France.


The PacksizeOn Demand Packaging® System


Packsize resolves inventory and shipping complexities by giving the customer the ability to create a right-sized box for every order. This efficient and cost-effective packaging system results in significant process improvements and yields total savings of up to 20 percent. By optimizing order size, material requirements, and packaging throughput, the Packsize just-in-time system drives broad inventory management savings by quickly responding to varying product size and shipping challenges. A leading sustainable business practice, On Demand Packaging® results in lower packaging inventory, less waste, lower shipping costs, decreased damage rates, and increased customer satisfaction.
On average, products sold on the internet are shipped in boxes that are 35% too large. That wastes corrugate and increases freight volume. Additionally, petroleum-based fillers are often used to fill the void in the box. On Demand Packaging® creates the smallest possible box for each order and dramatically reduces the demand for fillers.


Visit and see videos how to produce your own boxes in a few seconds and in any style or size that perfectly fits your products – without any investment necessary on your side!