• Opens up the voice market for small and medium warehouse operators
  • ‘Renovotec Voice Manager’ delivers picking and other voice-enabled warehouse workflows,in a single package
  • Allowsmany more companies to deploy voice technology throughout the warehouse, affordably
  • Powered by a task-driven engine that is “first to market” says Renovotec


In a move that it describes as “opening up the market through innovation”,technology services company Renovotec has developed asystem thatmakes voice technology affordable for companies with small and medium warehouse operations. Renovotec’s lower-cost-of-entry, ‘Renovotec Voice Manager’ packaged solution – the first ‘RenovotecVoice’ branded product – is being launched as an alternative to the high-cost, bespoke voice applications that are often a barrier to entry for smaller warehouse operators. An out-of-the-box system withpre-loaded, packaged software, it voice-enablesall core warehouse workflows including picking, put-away, stock checking, movement, loading and order checking. The system runs on Vocollect hardware and uses a task-driven engine, for which Renovotec claims a first-to-market. The launch follows a period of user beta testing.

“Our rapid application development environment, task processing engine and one-stop, packaged system will transform the industry by allowing many more companies to deploy voice technology throughout the warehouse, affordably” says Renovotec director Lance Bennett.

Voice technology addresses the industry’s two greatest problems, operational efficiency and customer service accuracy*, as it achieves up to 25% higher productivity than paper or scanning, andnear-100% accuracy. ROI for voiceis typically less than 12 months.

*Source: Independent global logistics survey commissioned by Honeywell.


Company background (

Renovotec is a technology services company, and the UK’s leading independent specialist in automatic data capture for rapid process improvement viavoice, scanning and field service applications.


Renovotec is a leading exponent of ruggedised hardware-as-a-service (r-HaaS), which combines partnership-level support with zero capital outlay, allowing companies to scale their hardware in line with need.


The company adopts an independent, consultative approach to the marketplace, recommending the technology products and services that are best suited to user needs.