UKWA to set out key themes at IntraLogisteX


Peter Ward, UKWA’s new CEO, will be speaking at the IntraLogisteX exhibition, which is being held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. In a seminar scheduled for 15.30 on Wednesday 25 March, Ward will be highlighting how major changes in demographics, society and policy are creating opportunities for 3PLs.


“I am looking forward to addressing these key themes for UKWA and the Logistics Sector at IntraLogisteX,” said Peter Ward. “They are generating a growing requirement for urban distribution with ‘little and often’ delivery. These are vital challenges but they are areas where UKWA members are ideally positioned to offer logistics solutions that will give organisations a competitive edge.”



Editors’ notes: About The United Kingdom Warehousing Association

With over 600 member companies, the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) is the UK’s only trade association dedicated to serving the vitally important warehousing and logistics sector. Established in 1944, the Association’s members control nearly 100 million square feet of warehousing space from nearly 1300 locations across the UK. Although originally established as a trade body for the third party warehousing sector, the Association now embraces all companies that operate a warehousing or distribution facility. Membership is not restricted to those companies based within the borders of the United Kingdom.


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