Axelent launches unique handbook on machine safety

6th October 2016

Axelent will be on Stand 71 at IntraLogisteX 2017

Workplace health and safety has never been easier

Axelent Safety Book guides the reader through a jungle of laws, regulations, EU directives and requirements. The book also takes up the certifications and labels that are important to look out for.

The author, Matthias Schulz, is a machine safety expert. Schulz is an independent machine safety consultant who is collaborating in a joint venture with Axelent AB, Sweden and Axelent GmbH, Germany. He has worked as a consultant within the engineering industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since the early 1990s. Schulz holds regular training courses in these countries and his courses and books have taught thousands of engineers about risk assessment, machine safety and technical documentation. Matthias Schulz, Machine Safety Consultant, Axelent Profiservices:
“I find no real answers, merely references. This is more the rule than the exception when it comes to CE labelling, machine safety and everything thereof.

For many people, reading weighty EU directives, conducting research into standards and carrying out risk
assessments is like climbing a mountain. This is why we created Axelent Safety Book, a unique
guide that answers the trickiest questions in a simple and comprehensible way.

The book is different and we hope the reader will find it that way as well. It presents rules and regulations and illustrates principles and solutions with plenty of graphics. And best of all: you don’t need to read the guide cover-to-cover, simply leaf through the book and begin where it attracts your attention.”

The book has been translated into six languages Axelent Safety Book will be available in Spanish, German,
English, French, Swedish and Dutch.

You will not be able to order or download the book.

The only way is by arranging a meeting with one of our sales representatives. The first hundred editions in each
language will be packed in a specially designed box that will also contain a life vest, protective goggles and earplugs.
Contact details:
Tel: 01793 523535