Multi-award winning BoxSizer offers the perfect solution to unwanted void fill and excess packaging

BoxSizer will be exhibiting at IntraLogisteX on Stand 61

The BoxSizer is an innovative solution which solves the massive issue of excess packaging and annoying, unwanted void fill which means businesses are essentially paying to ship fresh air. The subject of excess packaging was a hot topic on the radio and social media in the build up to the festive season – with people sharing images of the high levels of wasted packaging on their Christmas orders.

The multi- award winning, Intelligent Random BoxSizer offers savings of up to 80%* on e-commerce packaging and fulfilment costs by re-sizing boxes to suit random, single, multiple, loose or grouped products automatically for dispatch to stop wasting time, space and money with void fill.

BoxSizer actually reduces the outer box down to the size of the goods being shipped, reducing the empty void and in most cases, the need for any additional packaging filler at all. This in-turn allows more packages to fit on shipping transport, which is great for the environment and saves massively on costs.

The BoxSizer has already won packaging industry recognition and awards and has several successful installations and ongoing installations in Australia and the US, where they are already charged for dimensional weight (DIM weight) shipping.

The BoxSizer sales team work worldwide to offer clients the greatest level of expertise. For more information on how they could provide you with the best and most cost effective solution please contact them on: Tel: +44 (0) 1502 713777 or info@boxsizer.comĀ

*80% Saving figure is based on a proven example 0201 box size 500x300x500mm being automatically reduced down to 500x50x500mm equaling an 83% void reduction.


Notes to Editor:
About Box Sizer:
Save on delivery costs with our NEW range of patented Intelligent Box Sizing and Bag Sizing machines. Specifically designed for e Commerce and online shopping fulfilment.
Pre-loaded, mixed footprint boxes or LDPE bags, are automatically cut, folded and sealed, to suit the contents, to reduce void for maximum volume reduction upon dispatch.

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Jennifer Halliday

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Derek Moore
0118 334 1725