Enterprise Software Provides ‘Orders to Service’ Solution To Leading Supply Chain Experts, Fowler Welch


Privately owned technology company, Enterprise Software Systems Ltd (ESSL) has partnered with Fowler Welch to provide key Transport Management and Fleet Management systems to give a consolidated view of order information that is visible across the whole of Fowler Welch’s operation.

ESSL has been dedicated to the Logistics market place for over 20 years.  In that time the company has provided Transport Management systems for 8 of the top 20 logistics companies in the UK and has learned a lot about the transport business.

This system includes a secure “orders to invoice” solution which enables Fowler Welch to integrate information across its transport, warehouse, fleet and financial systems.  All major areas of the logistics operations are covered, from transport order management through to planning and execution.

ESSL have worked with Fowler Welch since 2013, and understand that a strong and responsive customer-focused Information Technology platform is at the centre of everything Fowler Welch does.  After many years of consistent investment, Fowler Welch currently handle over 150,000 pallets and 1.5m cases picked each week – efficiently and economically, thanks in no small part to the software systems it uses.

Matthew Downes, IT Director at Fowler Welch said “Being able to analyse work loads, utilisation rates and run planning reports through our suite of MIS reports, which are developed in tandem with our in-house IT team, have without a doubt helped improve our responsiveness and efficiency’.
“We have a long and established partnership with ESSL, and we look forward to a successful working partnership for many years to come.”
Alastair Gibson, Director and Business Manager at ESSL said “Fowler Welch has made significant investments in vehicle fleets, warehousing and IT systems that add real value to their customers’ operations, while actively reducing the carbon footprint of each load delivered, with service levels that are the envy of the industry, and we are proud to be part of this continuing journey”.
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