Pioneering materials handling solutions on show at IntraLogisteX 2016



For more than 35 years Narrow Aisle Ltd has been regarded as a pioneer of a range of materials handling solutions that have changed the way many warehouses and distribution centres operate.

The company is perhaps best known for its development of Flexi articulated forklift technology. The success of the Flexi articulated warehouse truck concept has been built around the fact that its clever design allows it to work at the same speed as a counterbalance forklift truck and then work comfortably and safely within warehouse very narrow aisles (VNA) -increasing storage capacity by up to 30% compared to conventional reach type trucks.

Narrow Aisle Ltd recently introduced an entry-level Flexi AC model to their articulated truck range and it will be among the solutions highlighted at IntraLogisteX 2016.

The Flexi AC NANO has been specifically designed for customers in the high street and SME sector who want to save space on their light- to medium-duty storage and back of store handling applications by using a truck that can operate both inside and outside the warehouse.

The Flexi AC NANO truck can lift loads weighing up to 1.2 tonnes and lift to heights of up to 5 metres and offer optimum pallet put-away and retrieval in aisles as narrow as 1.6 metres.

Visitors to the Narrow Aisle stand at IntraLogisteX 2016 will also be able to learn about the FlexiPiCK – a new order picking system that allows over 1000 cases per hour to be picked by one operator.

The FlexiPiCK’s clever design enables users to take advantage of the increasingly popular layer quantity order picking technology pioneered in the USA without the need to invest in the kind of high fixed cost and automated handling technology that previous gantry robot layer picking systems have relied upon.

In simple terms, when using the FlexiPiCK full pallet loads of the most popular layer quantity product in the DC are arranged in an aisle format at ground level and with assembly stations  positioned down the aisle or at the end of each aisle. The FlexiPiCK’s integrated hydraulic arms carefully grip single or multiple layers of product and deliver each individual layer picked to the assembly station where a load is made up of full layers.

Another new development to be highlighted by Narrow Aisle at the show is the StoreMAX – a new concept in space saving storage solutions.

Based around established two deep pallet racking, Flexi AC HiLOAD truck and warehouse management systems technology, the StoreMAX storage solution allows 50 per cent more pallet locations to be achieved when designing a storage system in a warehouse with the same dimensions as a system served by conventional reach trucks.

Furthermore, StoreMAX pilot schemes undertaken in the UK, UAE and Italy have shown that the high-density system requires significantly fewer truck assets to achieve higher pallet throughput speeds than storage solutions that feature, say, automated pallet ‘Shuttle’ technology. And, of course, with the StoreMAX system, the user does not have to invest in the kind of costly special pallet racks and automated components associated with ‘Shuttle’ pallet storage systems.

A company synonymous with high quality, ultra-efficient products, Narrow Aisle has earned a reputation for exceptional product reliability and customer service across the world.

To find out how Narrow Aisle’s range of space saving materials handling solutions can bring significant operational efficiencies to your business visit the company’s stand at IntraLogistex 2016.


Editor’s Notes: About Narrow Aisle Ltd
Narrow Aisle Ltd is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of very narrow aisle (VNA) equipment. Narrow Aisle manufactures and markets the award-winning Flexi range of articulated forklift trucks. Flexi trucks, designed and manufactured at the company’s UK manufacturing plant are distributed in the UK and world-wide through a fully supported distributor network.

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