Grimsby Resin Floors Limited (GRF) enjoyed their most successful 12 months ever in 2015


Grimsby Resin Floors Limited (GRF) enjoyed their most successful 12 months ever in 2015 and the current year is off to a flying start.

After more than 25 years the company has developed excellent working relationships with an ever increasing customer base and the Humber based Industrial Flooring Specialist continue to flourish across mainland UK.

Although GRF still maintain an enviable reputation across the food production industry, great strides have been made in recent years in the Distribution & Warehousing Sector making them the contractor of choice for many of the country’s major distribution hubs.

Many of the country’s leading supermarket & other retail chains use GRF in their distribution centres to maintain their floors in a safe and serviceable condition. From concrete & expansion joint repairs through to traffic management in their yards, GRF’s contact details are at the top of the list of a growing band of Facility Managers.

One key offering that is in huge demand is the proven longevity of their long life lining. Whether this is for pedestrian walkways/fire exits or marshalling lanes GRF’s commitment to thorough preparation and the following of proven techniques, results in their lining products lasting a considerable length of time even in the busiest and heavily trafficked areas.  GRF can point to examples of their lining still being in perfectly serviceable condition 13 years after it was laid.

This lining represents fantastic value for many clients as it is a one off job and not something that has to be re-visited time and time again, interrupting work schedules and therefore impacting on bottom line figures. Productivity is key and therefore getting your lining right and not having to review/renew is a huge cost saving.

If you require more details please visit GRF on their stand at IntraLogisteX Exhibition, Ricoh Arena Coventry on 16th-17th March 2016 or e-mail