What’s in store for warehouse operations in 2016?

Let Indigo solve your logistics challenges at IntraLogistex 2016. Visit stand #91.

Leading warehouse management software company and Intralogistex exhibitor, Indigo Software, is giving the industry a sneak preview of what to expect in 2016.

Indigo WMS will be available in the Cloud for organisations who prefer not to own or manage their own infrastructure.  Deployment in the Cloud will offer organisations greater peace of mind through not having to manage their own systems, together with the ability to pay for the service as it is used, which will significantly reduce the up front investment.

Coupled with this, Indigo is predicting a number of changes that customers across industry can expect to encounter.

1. Greater automation
The use of automation to improve efficiency will increase, with a greater reliance on supply chain execution systems to support existing warehouse management processes. There are three key factors behind this trend: the need to provide traceability and a structured audit trail, the need to improve efficiency and monitor productivity levels and the need to work more quickly under collapsed timescales.

2. Warehouses will get busier
The need to fulfill more orders without an increase to cost (labour) bases will make warehouses even busier than they are already. Having advanced supply chain execution technology is essential to enabling this to be achieved.  In addition, greater integration with transport management software systems can be expected, which allows the visibility and optimisation of the vehicle fleet to be manipulated to best suit the needs of the business.

3. Warehouses will become smaller
The warehouse of the future will be smaller and designed to store smaller quantities of a larger, more diverse array of products and yet operating with faster throughput and turnaround times. In keeping with the desire for more traceability, scanning equipment to track items and verify their authenticity will become more commonplace.

Overall, these are very interesting times for warehouse operations management and customers will have many challenges to overcome. IntraLogistex presents an ideal opportunity for anyone responsible for warehouse and logistics management to discuss their challenges with Indigo and take advantage of over 400 collective years of expert knowledge.

Let Indigo solve your logistics challenges at IntraLogistex 2016. Visit stand #91.
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