ROS (UK) Limited – Patented Pallet Racking Upright Repair System.



A significant number of influential businesses are recommending that companies in the UK follow an environmentally friendly path of repairing fork lift damaged pallet racking uprights.

Substantial additional benefits arise such as the ability to minimise operational disruption by repairing all Amber and Green levels of damage WITHOUT having to unload, move and replace palletised goods!
Over 100 new clients, including Toyota (well known for their market-leading innovation and cutting edge processes), Caterpillar, Reckitt Benckiser and GAP, are just a small number who have benefited during 2015 alone. Sites range from Portsmouth to Dartford to Glasgow and everywhere in-between.

The ROS method of pallet racking repair involves a custom, precision-engineered die being secured to the damaged upright and controlled hydraulic pressure is then applied using a state-of-the-art process. The repair process works three dimensionally, to ensure correct re-profiling of the front face, side walls and corners, returning the upright to its original format in a matter of minutes. To see a video demonstration, visit

Andy Timmins, Managing Director of ROS UK said,
“Most customers start with the question ‘How can a bent piece of metal possibly be straightened and retain 100% of its original strength’. The answer I give them is simple, as the key lies in the strict repair criteria written by DEKRA as part of our EN 15635 accreditation. We do not repair any upright that has rips, tears or obtuse creases in the steel. The vast majority of damaged uprights which have been bent can easily be repaired and our testing results show that they are 100%+ of their original strength after repair, guaranteed.

Our guarantee is backed up with industry-leading levels of insurance cover provided by the prestigious insurance giants Lloyds of London. We hold £10 million of Employers Liability, £5 million of Products Liability and £5 million of Public Liability insurance. “

Further detail of the patented ROS™ hydraulic pallet racking repair system can be found at


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