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Please note that the focus of the IntraLogistics Awards is on intralogistics solutions providers and we can only accept submissions from them. If you are an end-user (e.g. retailer), you can only enter in partnership with a product/service solutions provider, with the focus of the Award remaining on the provider.

Simply click on the relevant link and send us the email which will open. We will then send you a copy of the entry form* (you can see an example entry form in PDF format here):


Forklifts and Handling Equipment

Health and Safety

Information Technology

Order Picking Technology

Packaging Equipment

Storage Systems

Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Infrastructure and Services

Warehouse Design and Construction


For entry queries, please contact Jennifer Halliday on

* Why can’t you just download forms? Our entry forms are in Word format which are not acceptable formats for download due to security issues which may affect you, so we prefer to deal with you direct. You can see an example entry form in PDF format here.