The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Productivity Gains from Immersive Technology

Day 1 – Wednesday 15th March at 11.30
Day 2 – Thursday 16th March at 10.45

In 1784 the First Industrial Revolution used the power from steam engines to mechanise production. Nearly one hundred years later electricity and the division of labour drove the Second or Technological Revolution. The mid-20th century saw the Third or Digital revolution. Automating production by changing from mechanical to digital electronics and IT.

Now a Fourth Industrial Revolution is happening. Built on the Third it takes technology to the next level. Artificially intelligent immersive technology is everywhere, from virtual assistants in our phones and homes to autopilots driving our cars and flying drones. The global market is already at $30 billion and growing strongly.

Every business, no matter what industry it is in, needs to consider the applications and potential benefits immersive technology could bring to their organisation. There are short and long term gains to be made in efficiency and productivity.
Hear us talk about the real-world business benefits already being seen in the supply chain by companies using the latest wearable technology and intelligent warehouse software.