Day Two – Thursday 26th March 2015, 13:00 Advanced Supply Chain

Triple A-rated Logistics

Advanced Supply Chain

Advanced Supply Chain, are intrepid visionaries. A bespoke provider of end-to-end, integrated logistics and supply chain solutions to more than 300 customers worldwide.They firmly believe that it is imperative to achieve a ‘triple A-rated’ supply network – delivering products that are Affordable, Available, Appealing.

In recent times, the global economic uncertainty presented a multitude of challenges for our clients and to remain economical, Advanced Supply Chain and its core partners needed to collaborate within a single, agile supply chain built around shared data, business processes and customer service objectives.

Advanced Supply Chain’s vision was to serve its clients as a global E2E strategic provider – and Kevin will reveal how they achieved it.

Kevin Townend, Non-Executive Director, Advanced Supply Chain