Day One – Wednesday 25th March 2015, 10:45 Flexi Narrow Aisle

Flexi Warehouse Systems – Introducing New Techniques to Maximise Storage Capacity

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The provider of cost effective solutions to pallet storage and warehousing productivity challenges, specialising in reconfiguring existing outmoded facilities for the third party logistics and e-fulfilment sector.  Also introducing low entry cost customer order picking strategy that provides a welcome boost for grocery retail marketeers. The traditional grocery retail supply structures have tend to be somewhat rigid, most FMCG products packaged and stacked on wooden pallets. Products are only available in ‘full pallet’ quantity or ‘individual case’ picked quantity. The introduction of product layer marketing concept in the USA has been further developed by Flexi Narrow Aisle into a cost effective method providing a third alternative, lower cost than ‘case quantities’ but less inventory commitment than ‘full pallet’. Flexi PiCK ‘Layer Picking System’ can produce case pick rates of over 1000 outers per hour per man.

John Maguire, Director, Flexi Narrow Aisle