Top tips to improve your warehouse from our Exhibitors


#1 Lumiqs Smart High Bay Lighting can help your business save money and energy. By installing LED Lumiqs luminaires in your facility, the lighting system will use less energy, cost less to power, last many years longer than traditional lighting and cost next to nothing to maintain. The LED Lumiqs luminaires are also fitted with a Smart Monitoring System. An integral PIR and daylight sensor detect heat movement and light levels and determine when and where you need light to work.

#2 Dramatically reduce the cost of MHE damage and the chances of trips and falls by ensuring your Warehouse floors are in good condition. Floors are often left  to deteriorate, become the poor relation, however having a well maintained floor can actually SAVE you money. Repairing the worst joints or patches, and then putting a regular maintenance programme in place for the rest is the way many of the major players chose to go. Contact GRF now on 01469 572121, or visit us on stand 211 at IntraLogisteX

#3 If you strap pallets in your business then here’s a top tip to help make your warehouse operations more efficient. Don’t move pallets around the warehouse floor to strap them in a certain location. Don’t risk your team’s health by allowing them to bend, stretch and reach to manually pull strapping round the pallet. Do make the process more efficient & do improve the well-being & productivity of your team. Do discover how you can strap a pallet in 1 minute with a mobile, ergonomic & innovative solution. Do visit ErgoPack on Stand 333.

#4 Decide on the best process for your business, and then choose the hardware to make it work – not the other way round. Operating less than perfect processes costs far more in lost accuracy and productivity than the special hardware deal offered by the manufacturers will save you. Voice Beyond specialise in finding that right process, and delivering accuracy and productivity for the long term.

#5 The return on investment for companies who make an investment in a WMS is very significant. Recent research across Indigo’s customer base highlighted that on average, customers were able to reduce the costs of running their warehouse operations by an average £126,000 per year. Across all industry sectors, individual savings were reported by customers in goods receiving; put away, picking, stock counting and general warehouse administration operations, leaving them with a budget surplus to invest in further business improvement projects. Find out more visit Indigo on Stand 97

#6 Save time searching and transporting parts, part assemblies and tools by having all items available in your warehouse and information up to date. Free up time from material management for more productive tasks. Konecranes Agilon stores thousands of different components in their original packaging, keeps warehouse balances up to date in real time and improves warehouse efficiency and safety. Agilon takes care of picking and delivers components directly to the user. Who took what, when and for what purposes all information available 24/7

#7 Exploit the space you have through mezzanine lifts – if you want to make maximum use of your warehouse space by investing in mezzanine floors, you’ll also need to get your materials on and off these additional levels via mezzanine lifts. Nerak Wiese (stand 215) provides a wide range of energy-efficient vertical elevation solutions for totes, cartons, pallets, stillages, dollies and roll cages. Nerak’s link-free rubber chain technology secures the benefits of silent running and resistance to both wear and corrosion. Providing a comprehensive service – from initial layout through design, manufacture, assembly, installation and commissioning – Nerak Wiese has delivered solutions for blue-chip brands including John Lewis, Amazon, XPO Logistics, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Ocado and GlaxoSmithKline.

#8 Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange. As customer expectations and behaviour changes businesses are constantly challenged with finding a more efficient, effective and flexible business model. These challenges have fundamental impacts on your production and logistics chains and Linde is equipped to help you make the right implementation choices. Come and see us on stand 121 and we can talk to you about simple changes to storage layouts that will improve storage density, right through to a completely automated and connected warehouse. Linde has the competence and group partners that will maximise your warehouse potential regardless of its size.

#9 There is no need to endure the cost, risk and time that goes into updating or replacing your warehouse management system – add mobile work execution software to work alongside your WMS in transforming your operations! Equip DC managers and associates with tools to increase overall fulfillment efficiency and accuracy while slashing labour costs with pick path optimisation software. Stop by Lucas Systems on Stand 89 for more information.

#10 The majority factor in ensuring a smoothly run warehouse, is the avoidance of damage to the products as they come in and go out. In order to assure damage is minimal; you need the perfect wrapping solution. Thanks to the Samson Nano, and the incredible analysis service offered, human error is removed, and the products are tested at the maximum tilt test of 26 degrees.  Not too loose and not too tight, the Samson Nano makes the wrapping and protection process so much easier. Visit us at stand 306 for more information

#11 Know where your pallets are. Lost and misplaced pallets cost money. They generate waste and cause shipping delays. Sometimes they will enable your customers to fine you for shipping them the wrong things. Do whatever you can to remove human error from your warehouse processes as this is where pallet problems begin. Vero uses a real time location system (RTLS) coupled with automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) to reduce the amount of manual input required to manage your trucks and pallets to a minimum. It also increases the speed and accuracy of your pallet moves.

#12 Do your conveyors run continuously, and often lightly loaded? If so it means your electric motors are partially loaded which leads to a loss in efficiency. In some cases running efficiency can fall to below 50%. Lenze frequency inverters have a switchable software function called VFC-eco. This automatically reduces the motor magnetisation current when there are partial loads, so pushing the motor efficiecy back up again. No other controls are needed, you just switch it on and benefit from lower electricity bills.!

#13 Warehouse owners & management have a responsibility to ensure your sites are a safe environment to work and visit. Internally you should have clearly marked pedestrian walkways  to separate MHE from human traffic. In addition, it is hugely beneficial to have clear and precise markings throughout the warehouse. More often than not spray lines or tape have a very limited life span. GRF’s proven internal lining has a 10year plus life even in the busiest and most heavily trafficked areas. These products are PROVEN, not sales speak. Contact GRF now on 01469 572121,, stand 211 at IntraLogisteX
#14 Create enclosures and partitions to manage temperature, cross contamination or dust in a warehouse. Creating enclosures or partitions in warehouse space can be alighted with problems: the buildings height, the tight space between racking, ensuring there is no long lasting damage (for rented premises), mess caused by the install and downtime. The solution is using a suspended and tensioned Flexiwall solution provides a permanent partition that can be installed to any height, easily fits between racking and is installed quickly and cleanly with minimum disruption and downtime.
If needs should change in the future, Flexiwall can be reconfigured too. Flexiwall can also be designed with corporate colours or logos to promote the company brand and enhance the final look.

#15 Recognising it is ever more crucial for third party logistics providers to keep up to date with technological advances in the industry; and remain compliant with various legislation; Miniclipper decided to adopt The Logistics Industry Award Winning Warehouse Auditor App to move away from paper based audits, to implement an effective and robust audit process for their logistics infrastructure processes.  Winners of the 2016 UKWA Warehouse Company of the Year, Miniclipper stated that the Warehouse Auditor enabled them to “demonstrate to their clients, a robust audit process, across multiple sites.” Sales Director for Miniclipper, Jayne Masters, added “Still in the initial stages of implementation, we have already seen confidence in the quality of our warehouse processes build amongst our teams, and this is now helping us achieve BRC accreditation across two sites”.

#16 Often Warehouse owners and management concentrate on the inside of their premises but there are huge responsibilities externally too. Recently there have been high profile incidents within warehouse/distribution centre yards and it is vital that clear and concise markings are in place to separate pedestrians and trucks/MHE. Mixing the human and mechanical is a recipe for disaster. Whether it is directional arrows, speed roundels, designated pedestrian walkways or simply clear parking and loading lining GRF’s Thermoplastic team can help. Contact GRF now on 01469 572121, or visit Stand 211 at IntraLogisteX

#17 Pallet Automatic Storage & Retrieval is now available to all and can be installed in existing buildings without the need for expensive high bay new builds thanks to innovations in pallet satelite storage. The iSat system form Cassioli offers massive improvements in pallets storage density at low cost and incredible rates of ROI. Diamond Phoenix will be presenting this technology, available directly from the manufacturer, on Stand 341 at Intralogistex 2017. Learn more at:- or

#18 Reduce costs and get a head start on a more productive day – a recent survey of DCs found that unproductive time had increased from 15 to 22 minutes per day. A common challenge is how to distribute scanners, two-way radios and other essential equipment. Often, workers start their shift queuing to receive their devices, while managers spend even more time keeping those devices secure and organised. Many leading DCs have turned to AXCESS™ Automated Locker Solutions to streamline the process. They give employees self-serve check-out and check-in and free managers to focus on more valuable tasks. And they keeps handhelds secure, organised and ready to work, for lower repair and replacement costs.

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