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17 Mar 2023

LYDIA Voice 9 recognises multiple languages in real time and in parallel

EPG Stand: 100

With the release of the new LYDIA™ Voice 9, Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) is extending its technological leadership in the voice industry. The latest version of the innovative voice solution now offers an additional unique feature, recognising multiple languages in real time and in parallel. This is made possible thanks to multithreading, which enables voice recognition to be processed in parallel on numerous processor cores. The way in which computing power is distributed also ensures even greater voice recognition while also saving energy and allowing for a more efficient use of hardware. 

With LYDIA Voice 9, EPG is once again underlining its role as a technological leader in the voice industry. The main feature of the new release is its multi-language recognition. LYDIA Voice is now capable of recognising multiple languages in parallel and in real time – a unique innovation on the voice market. This new development has been made possible thanks to multithreading, which enables several processor cores to be used simultaneously. Since version 8, LYDIA Voice has worked on the basis of neural networks and deep learning. For the first time, this new release enables numerous neural networks to be used in parallel to process voice recognition. This results in even quicker and more accurate voice recognition. LYDIA Voice is now also capable of recognising several languages in parallel. “LYDIA Voice now recognises several languages at the same time,” says Tim Just, CEO Voice Solutions. “While the solutions of other providers require users to undergo complex voice training, LYDIA Voice has not required any voice training at all for a number of years now. And now our solution is immediately able to recognise several languages at the same time. This means that the onboarding process is even quicker for non-native speakers and they can be deployed more flexibly.” 

Multi-language recognition offers even greater flexibility

The advanced voice recognition capabilities offer a great number of advantages. Order pickers who have not yet mastered the local language have the option of simply working in their own mother tongue. As there are no language barriers, they can work productively right away and can be deployed quicker for various voice-led processes.

Efficient use of modern hardware platforms

With LYDIA Voice 9, EPG has laid the foundation to use modern hardware as effectively as possible. Thanks to multithreading, computing power can be optimally distributed across several processor cores. This leads to a reduced energy consumption of the devices being used. “LYDIA Voice 9 enables modern hardware platforms to exploit their full potential and achieve maximum computing power thanks to the seamless interaction between software and hardware – and all this with optimised energy management,” explains Just.

EPG has also developed the perfect hardware for LYDIA Voice in the shape of the new VOXTER Vantage VT5 mobile voice computer. In addition to high-performance components, the VOXTER Vantage VT5 comes equipped with the voice-optimised enterprise operating system Android Industrial+ and guarantees additional benefits in terms of voice recognition performance, data security and WiFi performance. The overall package offers three times faster voice recognition than previous versions.

Moreover, EPG continues to ensure hardware independence for LYDIA Voice 9, as multi-language recognition is also supported with the devices of other manufacturers. This means that customers still enjoy maximum flexibility when choosing their hardware.

Portfolio of languages expanded

The new LYDIA Voice 9 release is rounded off by an expansion of its language portfolio, which now includes more than 50 directly available languages.

“Our aim is to offer the best overall package on the voice market. In the last 12 months alone, more than 20,000 voice users made the switch from various other solutions to LYDIA Voice. Customers from across the world have reported productivity increases of 7-15% after switching from other voice systems to LYDIA Voice. We are confident that with LYDIA Voice 9, we have reached another milestone in the development of voice solutions – and will continue this successful trend in future,” Just adds.

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