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Audion Elektro Ltd

Stand: 204
  • | Barcode/Labelling
  • | Packaging
  • | Picking & Sortation
  • | Storage
  • | Warehouse Automation
  • | Warehouse Management

We at Audion packaging machines are charactarised by outstanding quality. We are machine manufacturers who build and adapt to all our customer needs.

 At Audion we aim to give customers a full Package and assure every need is met no mater how diverse in innovative this may be. We do this this with the experience and expertise acumulated over the years.

Our Speed Pack Hybrid order fulfilment  is the ultimate bagging system for e-commerce and orer fulfilment. This machine was developed to meet the high requirements for order accuracy and cost efficient production.

 Lets create the Perect Package for you!



UK Sales and Service Office
18 Victoria Way
Pride Park
DE24 8AN
United Kingdom
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