Automated Packaging Systems to exhibit shipping solutions at IntraLogisteX 2019

Friday 9 November 2018

Automated Packaging Systems’ market-leading packing materials and bagging machines will be demonstrated at the show, with experts on hand to discuss customer requirements and showcase the complete benefits of its range.

Visitors will be able to see in-line printing on the PS 125 OneStep bagging machine, learning how to increase packing speeds and meet next-day delivery requirements by efficiently integrating bag packing to their warehouse managing system and printing address labels directly onto the bag.

A variety of protective packaging material demonstrations will also take place using the AirPouch Express 3 and AirPouch FastWrap, revealing the benefits of environmentally friendly GeoTech Quilt and Tubes, as well as high performance air pillows for fragile items.

Automated Packaging Systems’ mail order fulfilment specialist, Duncan Hall will be discussing key tips on how mail order companies can automate their mail order fulfilment process to significantly reduce both time and costs, and improve efficiency.

Stuart Fish, team leader for void fill and protection solutions, will all also be at the show to provide his expert opinion on choosing the right protective packaging for specific products and will demonstrate how to utilise warehouse space by highlighting the most efficient way of delivering packaging material to packing benches.

Andy Pretious, UK sales & marketing manager at Automated Packaging Systems, said: “We’re excited to engage with the like-minded logistics professionals attending and demonstrate our range of bagging machines and packaging materials to mail order companies.”