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10 Jan 2022

Demand for sustainable packaging sky rockets to 64%

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A recent report from Drapers shows a dramatic increase for UK Consumers demanding sustainable packaging, 64% more likely to buy from retailers that provide sustainable packaging. With 50% of the consumers willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and delivery.

Online ordering is predicted to keep growing throughout 2022 and sustainability for consumers will be a top priority. UK shoppers are looking at where products are being manufactured, whether the products are made from sustainable materials, how the products are being delivered and what packaging is used.


Packaging Matters to UK Consumers

We have previously shown the increase in demand for sustainable packaging in one of our blogs, although since then the number of UK consumers that deem sustainable packaging a vital part of their shopping experience has sky rocketed. The recent report from Drapers has given overwhelming proof that packaging matters to UK consumers, here are some of the stats that could drive UK businesses to make the switch to sustainable packaging:

  • 73% of UK consumers say paper or cardboard packaging is important to them when considering a brands level of sustainability 
  • 77% of UK consumers states that brands should use as little packaging as possible
  • 66% said it is important to them that the packaging can be recycled 
  • 49% of consumers said they would pay more for both sustainable packaging and sustainable delivery
  • 33% say they have rejected a purchase because of unsustainable packaging 

These statistics are a great insight into the continuing growth of UK consumers that care about the packaging their products arrive in and how they arrived! Given the recent global news on climate change, it’s comes as no surprise that the public are changing how and what they purchase.


Why UK businesses should consider switching from unsustainable packaging

The well-known saying “Keeping up with the times” has never been more powerful for UK retailers today. The statistics for consumers demand for sustainable packaging continues to rapidly grow and some businesses in the UK are now starting to meet this demand. With many even hiring sustainability managers to ensure what they are doing is truly sustainable. Read more about how some businesses are now overcompensating when using paper packaging because of the quality.

With the Plastic Tax increase just around the corner, the current climate crisis and the immense amount of consumers wanting sustainable packaging – retailers only have a matter of time until unsustainable packaging devalues their products and damages their brand.

Daniel Willock, Marketing Manager comments: “Protega Global was introduced to the packaging industry to help businesses make a simple switch from plastic packaging to paper packaging without having to sacrifice on protection, speed, space & branding. We continue to do this and are thriving with some of the UK’s largest distributors, reducing breakages by up to 50% and delivering a seamless integrated packing solution from Hexcel Benches to our industry leading Protega 125.”

Daniel also said, “We feel many businesses are put off by paper packaging because of the costs, but we are confident that with the correct packing techniques and training you could in fact save on costs.”


Whether you are already using paper packaging but think you may be overusing or considering the switch from plastic packaging, Protega Global are here to guide you through your sustainable journey. With several packaging experts on hand and over 40 years of experience we can help you make the switch whilst saving on breakages, improving packing speeds and a potential save on costs. Get in touch here or call us on 01722 427842 –


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