Quick questions with Jim Marshall, Director of Intralogistics Aftercare Solutions

Can you please share a little about yourself with our visitors?

The idea behind Intralogistics Aftercare Solutions Limited is not new, Jim Marshall, Company Director, first pitched to colleagues around three years ago. However, realising and refining the idea has required many elements to come together.

Jim has spent many years working within the conveyor industry and has built a fantastic level of product knowledge in that area, more recently specialising in the Intralogistics Marketplace.

When Christian O’Connor, joined the team, his knowledge of Bearing and Power Transmissions across a spectrum of industry sectors created many of the synergies necessary to complete the product portfolio we are now able to bring to our customers.

With the product portfolio in place we needed to develop a computer system that gave us the functionality we needed behind the scenes coupled with the easy customer facing operating system that allowes customers to check UK held stocks, produce quotes and place orders using their own choice of identifying part number.

Now all the elements are in place we are proud to be the first to market offering a bespoke supplier and customer relationship for this demanding marketplace.

Can you please tell us why you chose to exhibit at IntraLogisteX 2018?

At the time of writing, November 2017, our company website and social media platforms have just been launched, and by working with the team at IntralogisteX we are focussed on raising our profile prior to the show.

Our site visits and presentations are always positive, and one of the Industry’s leading players is already using the system with great success after some initial testing

Everything is lining up for a fantastic IntralogisteX in 2018, we hope the first or many!

What will you be sharing with visitors to the exhibition?

Intralogistics Aftercare Solutions Ltd will be showing visitors the new platform and the many benefits they will get from our unique service, not only cost savings but savings in time and budget as the platform allows for reduced stock holding for the customers, a simple Login with customers accessing live stocks and agreed prices using their own part numbers or bin locations allowing them to raise their own quotations and orders.

What would your top tip be for visitors looking to improve efficiency in their warehouse/plant in 2018?

Firstly, get yourselves along to Stand 51 and take a look at our purchasing platform with Jim or Christian

We offer improved efficiencies to every level of the purchasing and stores management process , Head of Purchasing can negotiate fix prices. They can then feel safe raising spending limits on Purchasing Administrators.

Purchasing Administrators can login, create their quotations to hold on file, and allocate order numbers immediately. The is no more waiting for a supplier to confirm stock levels and prices. This ensures speedier deliveries to Stores teams.

The very same Store team who have safely reduced their stockholding, freeing up cashflow are safe in the knowledge that Intralogistics Aftercare Solutions are carrying stocks to support their business.

Finally, even the accounts team save time chasing for copy invoices and statements, they can simply log into their section and print or download anything they need independently.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the industry at the moment?

One of the biggest challenges facing the intralogistics industry, we believe is Brexit as no one really knows how this is going to affect the UK and with most of the Integrators being European based this could have major implications on expenditure and sourcing due to import regulations, we feel we offer the solution to this by holding customer stocks in the UK at Fixed prices for fixed periods, by purchasing in the UK our customers avoid any of the delays associated with the new regulations.