Quick questions with Craig Jones,Managing Partner and Executive Director of Socius24 Ltd

Can you please share a little about yourself with our visitors?

Socius24 was formed in 2013 following the merger of two Supply Chain software giants ‘RedPrairie’ and ‘JDA’. Both companies focused their software sales and implementations on Global tier one customers. These companies have highly sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) software requirements. Running multi-site, complex operations in forty-five countries (in local languages) would be a challenge for all but the very best WMS solution. Socius24, formed by Senior Directors from RedPrairie understand fast paced complex warehouses. We are the JDA Sales and Services Alliance Partner for the UK/EMEA region. We continue to work with many of the existing user base as well as selling and implementing the Best of Breed WMS to new customers, especially in the UK. We focus on suppling the same world class solution to the SME and tier2 businesses. We offer the very best software solutions coupled with agile implementations, best practice and more than twenty-five years industry experience. If you aspire to run your warehouse operations as effectively and efficiently as the worlds global leaders, (using the very same WMS) but at a reassuringly affordable cost, contact the team at Socius24: info@socius24.com

Can you please tell us why you chose to exhibit at IntraLogisteX 2018?

This will be our fourth year at IntraLogisteX where we will be supported by JDA industry experts on stand 140. Each year we have helped business such as yours make the right decisions for their warehouse needs. Socius24 believe only managing the ‘four walls of the warehouse’ means customers are potentially missing out on the advantages of a digitally connected software suite. By not making best use of WMS data; your customer services team, suppliers, ecommerce businesses/consumers, and even senior management are not maximising the benefits of your warehouse software solution. JDA WMS powers the supply chain from raw materials/manufacturing throughout the warehouse and on to the end consumer.

What will you be sharing with visitors to the exhibition?

We will be sharing our experience of how to make your good supply chains ‘great’. We will have friendly WMS experts on hand to discuss extending the reach of WMS in to the Yard, to improve your customer service responses, to keep suppliers informed in real-time, to be able to automatically Bill warehouse space utilisation and transactional activity, to deliver every customer order more efficiently. And how to do this in the most cost-effective way using RF, Voice and mobile tablets.

What’s more: our method requires no interface with your existing systems and you do not have to train in-house experts!

What would your top tip be for visitors looking to improve efficiency in their warehouse/plant in 2018?

If your business is looking to select a new WMS, do your homework before you come. There are a large number of exhibitors again this year. There are some companies that do not have fully functional user configurable products; often wanting to build features in to their offerings off the back of your implementation. This creates risk, adds cost/delay and can mean you paying more for support, whilst restricting your future upgrade path.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the industry at the moment?

There is a lot of uncertainty around the knock-on effects of the UK leaving/remaining within the single market and customs union. How will software companies cope with to-be-defined changes in legislation around materials movements, customs control, anti-counterfeiting of goods and seamless tracking of inventory across continents and borders. Will low end systems be able to cope and is your software provider able to invest in these changes as they unfold?