Safety Plan

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Safety Plan

IntraLogisteX Safety Plan

We want to ensure that IntraLogisteX is an event that everyone involved feels safe in order to meet and do business. Please see below the steps that we as organisers and the venue have implemented in order to ensure cleanliness and safety is always top of everyone’s priority and in line with any government guidance. There are also several ways in which exhibitors can aid our safety plan, so please make every effort to follow the guidance below.

Please note this safety plan can be changed to adhere to the government guidelines.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Please ensure that you clean your equipment and stand material regularly and provide hand sanitisers on your stand for your staff and visitors. The most frequently touched surfaces within the exhibition hall will be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals.

Hand sanitising stations will be located around the venue in key locations, as well as within the exhibition hall. Please ensure that you use them regularly throughout the day, as well as providing your own.

We ask that when purchasing food or drink in the café and exhibition hall, you only do so via cashless payments

Personal protection and detection

Face masks are mandatory for everyone at IntraLogisteX. Please bring your own, however, if you have forgotten your mask some will be provided.


We will be monitoring pre-registrations and the hall capacity during the show to ensure that we can control the amount of people present. This means that we can keep to government guidelines and ensure everyone’s safety.

Current government guidelines currently suggest 2 metre distancing which equals to 1 person per 4.9sqm.

The space at Ricoh Arena is 6000sqm which approximates 1200 people being allowed in the hall at any time. IntraLogisteX has circa 1200 – 1500 attendees over a two-day period.  

We kindly request when walking around the hall that you comply with social distancing guidelines set out by the government (2m, or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable). There will be clear signage around the show to help you follow these guidelines.

IntraLogisteX will implement one-way aisles and directional walkways, which will allow visitors to access every stand. This will help manage traffic and minimise crowding. Aisles have been widened to allow people to walk in both directions, so please keep to your side as indicated by directional arrows.

There will be separate doors for entry and separate doors to exit the hall.

Conference areas will allow for social distancing, with at least 1 metre between chairs. This means there will be limited capacity so make sure you arrive early. Some chairs may be marked as unavailable so please respect the instructions and do not move chairs. To comply with the social distancing there will also be no standing allowed around the conference theatre.

Visitor Arrival

The registration system means that we will be running a track and trace policy.

IntraLogisteX will be enforcing a contactless registration, so you will need to register beforehand and ensure you print your PDF badge before exhibiting. This therefore minimises any contact between registration staff and exhibitors.

Contactless registration means that you will not have to come into contact with registration staff, please print your exhibitor badges at home and bring them with you to the show. Your badge can then be scanned to gain entry into the hall. All visitors will also be using the same system.

All registered contractors will receive a wrist band on arrival. This will help ensure we know who exactly is on site.

If you have purchased a scanning app, you will be able to scan visitor passes from a safe distance. This eliminates the need for business cards – again helping to reduce the amount of contact with others.

If any of your staff feel unwell or start to show symptoms, we kindly ask you to respect everyone’s health and safety, and please stay at home.

Supplier Safety Plans

All supplier’s and contractors contact details must be provided prior to the event for track and trace purposes.

All equipment including vehicles used from suppliers will be hygienically cleaned thoroughly before arriving onsite and after installation.

Modus (AV Supplier) will be providing equipment which will be wrapped in new cling film to reduce the amount on contact.

All furniture hired via Inspire Hire will arrive on your stand already bagged. It will then be the exhibitor’s responsibility to remove these bags to avoid any cross contamination.

Showlite have made every effort to ensure that all of their shell scheme has been thoroughly cleaned and stored in a way that minimises any external contact 

All suppliers must be wearing the correct PPE equipment and hand sanitiser will be frequently used when handling goods.

Vehicles used from DHL will cleaned with anti-bacterial spray periodically throughout the day.

All suppliers must be aware of the site and safety rules of IntraLogisteX.

Build Up/Break down

All exhibitors and contractors MUST strictly keep to the build up/break down times. Please be aware than no stands will be allowed to break down before the times given.


Safety notices will be highly noticeable throughout the venue.