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How Logistics are using 3D gamified simulations to ensure employees can learn new skills and behaviours.

02 Jul 2021
IntraLogisteX Conference

Looking at organisations who are changing the game by using 3D gamified simulations to deliver learning-by-doing in an immersive, virtual environment

Focused on 3 key areas, Attensi will introduce how their platform is used to; 

  • Onboarding new employees – New joiners and trainees typically have a lot to learn to get up to speed. Immersing them in interactive scenarios and dialogues that replicate their day-to-day roles is an effective way of making new knowledge stick. 
  • Introducing new IT processes –  When organizations change systems or processes, they typically see a dip in productivity. And a lot of frustration from staff, no matter how many instructional videos and PDFs they’ve seen. But by training with a simulation, your people will have already dealt with the most common situations and can hit the ground running at launch.
  • Replicating the behaviour of your best performers – Can you see that some staff are considerably outperforming the rest, but you don’t know why? Mapping their behaviour and creating a ‘company best practice’ simulation to train your people can be the solution.
Jonathan Moffet, IT BD Director - Attensi