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How ready is the UK warehousing industry for the robot revolution?

01 Jul 2021
Theatre 1
IntraLogisteX Conference

Automation, specifically robotics, is transforming modern warehousing in ways never imagined before. Capable of undertaking arduous and repetitive tasks more efficiently, robots represent a step-change in logistics, allowing warehousing firms to better serve their customers, protect margins and future-proof their operations. But just how ready is the UK warehousing industry for the robot revolution? 

OWR’s market-leading dataset draws on more than 50 independent sources including proprietary data and insights. Based on OWR’s qualitative research, robotics business consultant, Greg Downey will provide a ‘robotics-ready’ verdict across a range of sectors to highlight where the opportunities lie.

Your key takeaways by attending:

  • Get a top level view of warehouse automation opportunities in 2021 across multiple industries
  • Ask the experts – with direct access to our expert team through our Q&A sessions
  • Grab a complimentary copy of OW Robotics’ latest report ‘How ready is the UK Warehousing Industry for the Robot Revolution?‘


Greg Downey, Robotics Business Consultant - OW Robotics