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IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre Conference

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IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre Conference

Pick up practical knowledge

The IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre will feature sessions delivered by seasoned practitioners and industry experts, learn from your peers who have been there, done that and can give you invaluable advice. 

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This conference offers a total of 4.5 CPD hours

28 Mar 2023
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • What are the key components needed to grow a successful 3PL
    • How to really listen to the supply chain industry challenges and build an operating model to be part of the solution
    • How to scale for growth
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • Decarbonisation Roadmap 2050
    • Emissions savings through continuous improvement approaches: Waste reduction, Use of LED, alternative fuels to EV and Hydrogen trucks 
    • Investing in technology transition: trials and use of drones, Exoskeleton, pick by glass
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • Last-mile transport emissions – what is the root cause and ability to rescue the carbon footprint for the current and future generations?
    • Curbing inefficiencies with new technology
    • What is the overall importance of digitalisation in last mile delivery?
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • Effective disposition of returned products
    • Returns policy and the impact on the environment
    • Minimising CO2 emissions while making a profit
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • Understanding what Robotic Process Automation is
    • The importance of uniforming processes before automation
    • How and why we are using automation at Ligentia
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • What does sustainability mean for the retailer? How do we approach different areas of sustainability? – including Co2 reduction and waste reduction
    • Actionable examples of how we at Cloud Nine move towards a more sustainable business
    • Cloud Nine’s newly implemented circular economy returns model
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • Learn how to turn excess stock back into cash and clear up space in your warehouse and how to delight customers with the unboxing experience.
    • Gain an understanding on how to get the warehouse team aligned with customer experience and increase sales by changes to warehouse processes.
    • Improving customer experience with final mile delivery
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    •    Logistics solutions to improve productivity within the warehouse
    •    Gateway to sustainability in your supply chain
    •    Meeting demands with solutions provided from the perspective of 3PL’s
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • How to turn your facility, quickly and efficiently, into digital reality
    • The digital twin – its application and association to cost and speed
    • How can this be applied to planning, design and management of a facility
29 Mar 2023
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • How hyperlocal warehousing can drive consumer experience
    • Enhancing operational and cost efficiencies
    • The role hyperlocal warehousing plays for sustainability


    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • Best practices to develop a long lasting and mutually beneficial customer and partner relationship
    • How to avoid bad practices
    • What customers value and how to make sure service partners have a seat at the table
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • Creating a collaborative and flexible supply chain
    • Combining lean forecasting and Agile manufacturing techniques into a value chain
    • Focusing on the sustainable benefits of collaboration
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    •    How an inventory management system has been successfully deployed within both Theatres and the Emergency Department at East Lancashire NHS Hospitals Trust
    •    Bringing about benefits in inventory control leading to a closed stock loop giving supply chain visibility across 27 operating theatres over 2 sites.  Whilst releasing clinical staff's time back to patient care ensuring all stock duties are undertake by dedicated stock professionals
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • NHS Supply Chain is the principal supplier of medical consumable and capital equipment products to the NHS in England
    • To support internal and wider NHS goals of achieving a net zero carbon supply chain, NHS Supply Chain has embarked on an extended trial of fully electric HGVs, delivering products from its sites to the backdoor of the NHS Trusts
    • Overview of the trial, learnings and next steps that will contribute to NHS Supply Chain's sustainability goals
    • IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre
    • Technology is continuously evolving and provides new opportunities to improve logistics
    • New innovations in technology can be used to improve food logistics and reduce waste
    • Real time data on size and ripeness of fruits can be used to improve farming efficiency and supply chain efficiency

CPD Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport


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